COVID-19 Resource Center

April 09, 2020

COVID-19: PA Attorneys Offer Virtual Round Table Workers' Comp Updates for Clients

C&W Attorneys Desinee R. Dwyer (Philadelphia) and Katherine E. Bavoso (Harrisburg) are holding private round table events via conference call to discuss COVID-19 and the impacts on workers’ compensation claims and litigation handling.  They will provide updates regarding Bureau procedures, WCAIS and agenda items in the legislature.  This round table will also afford clients the opportunity to ask questions in a small group setting which will be conducive to open dialogue with enough time to answer general procedural questions, as well as claim specific concerns.

Cipriani & Werner, P.C. remains committed to providing excellent service to our clients during these uncertain times.  If you or your team would like to schedule a private round table conference call or video conference, please contact our Philadelphia office at (610) 567-0700.