Defense Verdict in Philadelphia Trial

C&W prides itself on taking a strategic approach to every case, as was evident in a recent trial victory by one of our Philadelphia litigators, Salvatore Vilardi. The accident occurred at a major shopping center in Northeast Philadelphia following a minor snowfall. The plaintiff claimed to have slipped on a large patch of snow-covered ice. The injuries included an elbow fracture and a torn tricep which required surgical repair and implantation of surgical hooks.

The initial demand was in excess of $500,000. Through a series of strategic agreements engineered by Mr. Vilardi, the dismissal of the claims against the property owner, property manager and tenant without the need for monetary consideration was secured. Attorney Vilardi also secured an agreement to preclude the jury from hearing any medical testimony regarding the significant injuries or seeing any pre-and post-surgical photographs, and secured a cap on the potential verdict without a concomitant agreement to pay a "low" in the event of a defense verdict. Following a three day Trial on liability, the jury deliberated for less than thirty minutes before finding in favor of the remaining defendant, the snow removal contractor.

Mr. Vilardi's strategic defense of this claim exhibits a level of service that clients have come to expect from Cipriani & Werner attorneys as we continue to re-affirm our reputation in this venue for achieving positive results on behalf of our clients.