Defense Verdict in Veterinary Malpractice case for Attorney McGuire

Jeffrey T. McGuire, of the Harrisburg office of Cipriani & Werner, successfully defended a veterinarian who was sued for allegedly failing to perform a necropsy (animal autopsy) on a deceased dairy cow and therefore delayed the diagnosis of a bacterial pneumonia outbreak. The farmer alleged that 65 dairy cows and two heifers died as a result of the delay. In total, the farmer claimed that he had $700,000 worth of losses, which included a partial loss of milk production for six years. The case was successfully defended on the basis that the animal’s care was within the standard of care and that no damages resulted from the care provided by the doctor.

The case is an excellent example for claims and malpractice avoidance issues as well as some best practice pointers. Attorney McGuire plans to prepare a seminar on this basis and expects to present it to the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association, as well as to others in the near future.

If you have questions about this case or about professional malpractice defense, or have interest in a seminar, contact Jeff via email at jmcguire@c-wlaw.com or phone 717-975-9600.