Mass Tort Litigation

Cipriani & Werner has a long history of defending clients in mass tort litigation claims, especially in the complex and high-stakes insurance and healthcare industries. Our firm stands ready to provide the critical analysis and advice necessary to appropriately and aggressively defend our clients against mass tort claims.

Medical device makers, pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare industry players face unparalleled exposure, especially in the state of Pennsylvania, which is home to some of the nation’s most liberal product liability statutes. Our clients often face tremendous liability due to the unpredictability of juries, many of which are prone to apply a ‘deep pocket’ theory of justice. Beyond dealing with things like complex product recalls and overall threats to their business, healthcare companies especially can find themselves exposed to very public mass tort claims. Our firm works aggressively to limit their exposure and achieve a fair resolution as quickly as possible.

Cipriani & Werner offers a team of veteran trial attorneys who have experience litigating class actions on behalf of private clients and insurers across an array of business lines, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, transportation, building materials, ski equipment and more. We employ skilled, effective methods of case management, settlement negotiation and trial preparation, and our attorneys have amassed the medical and scientific knowledge essential for defending against complex mass tort claims.

If your company faces exposure to mass tort claims and would like to know more about our experience and capabilities, please contact us for a consultation with our partners.