Krofcheck Obtains Full Defense Verdict in Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuit

Lauren Despot Krofcheck, a partner in the firm’s Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania office, successfully obtained a full defense verdict in a personal injury/motor vehicle accident lawsuit after a non-jury trial in the Fayette County Court of Common Pleas.  The client’s exposure was $100,000.  In addition to liability, a key issue in dispute was whether Plaintiff suffered a “serious injury” under the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law, which could entitle Plaintiff to pain and suffering damages, despite his limited tort election.

The defense successfully put on testimony of an accident reconstruction expert that was able to place liability on Plaintiff for the accident, concluding that the Plaintiff failed to give the on-coming Defendant driver ample time to avoid a collision as the Plaintiff turned into his path.

This lawsuit was part of a consolidated action, where the other two cases involving catastrophic injuries settled prior to trial.

If you have any questions about this case or any other insurance defense litigation issues in Pennsylvania, please contact Lauren Despot Krofcheck at lkrofcheck@c-wlaw.com or (412) 563-2500.