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Sarah Koop Acquires Defense Verdict for Environmental Client

Sarah N. Koop recently received a Defense verdict for a client in our Maryland Office.  The client is an environmental hazmat removal company.  Claimant used to work as a truck driver for our client, but he underwent a wrist fusion 2 year after his permanency award.  While recovering from the wrist fusion he underwent physical therapy and hard hardening.  He was discharged from care with permanent work restrictions which were confirmed by a functional capacity evaluation.  Counsel for the claimant requested vocational rehabilitation as the Claimant no longer worked for the employer.  Ms. Koop contested the requested vocational rehabilitation as the claimant was placed under surveillance and it turned out he had been running his own landscaping company.  In preparation for the hearing, Ms. Koop obtained the business trade name application which shows the Claimant had been operating the business since 2005.  On Cross examination the claimant denied working or running a business.  When confronted with the business records he admitted to his signature on the documents but denied being involved in the business.  After video surveillance was played for the Commissioner contradicting the claimant's testimony, the vocational rehabilitation was denied.  A referral to the State for Fraud is pending.