Workers' Compensation

For several decades, workers’ compensation was a backbone practice group of Cipriani & Werner.  The direct and indirect costs associated with workers’ compensation claims present substantial financial challenges to companies of all sizes and industries. According to OSHA, businesses spend $170 billion a year on costs associated with occupational injuries and illnesses.  These businesses find a strong advocate in Cipriani & Werner, which employs top-ranked workers’ compensation attorneys across the Mid-Atlantic region who represent corporate clients as well as their insurance carriers and third-party administrators.

C&W attorneys routinely handle all aspects of workers’ compensation litigation, including initial investigation, medical record review, litigation defense, subrogation/lien recovery, initiation of appeals, settlement and employment separation. C&W also offers value-added services such as pre-litigation guidance; claims handling and management guidance; implementation of return to work programs; and case and claim reviews on an as-needed basis.

The workers’ compensation practice group at Cipriani & Werner has a successful track record of reducing companies’ liability and damages. Our extensive knowledge and experience, combined with creative defense strategies and negotiation tactics, have proven very effective in even the toughest of circumstances. With a diverse team of experienced litigators, C&W provides effective and proven solutions to control legal costs and help reduce claim costs associated with workers’ compensation cases.

Attorneys working in this Practice Area
Walter E. Werner, III

Founding Partner and Of Counsel at Pittsburgh, PA