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Insurance Coverage & Bad Faith

Bad faith and extra-contractual allegations are often made by plaintiffs’ attorneys merely because the insurer disagrees with the attorneys’ evaluation of the underlying claim value. Plaintiffs’ attorneys also often assert bad faith and extra-contractual claims in the hope of receiving a higher settlement as to the underlying claims. At Cipriani & Werner, our attorneys have the experience, knowledge and ability to defend, and when appropriate, settle the underlying claims for reasonable values, in most cases with voluntary dismissal of all bad faith and extra-contractual claims.

In cases in which the bad faith and extra-contractual claims have arguable merit, C&W has the experience, knowledge and ability to recognize these cases at an early stage. We work with the claims adjusters who handled the underlying claims to help them put their best best foot forward during the discovery phase, including depositions.

As to insurance coverage matters, an adverse judicial interpretation of an insurance policy provision can not only cost the insurer in a case before the court, but can also cost them large sums in the numerous policies with the same or similar provisions. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to limit adverse judicial interpretations of policy provisions. C&W has attorneys who have been litigating insurance disputes for decades and who understand how to successfully limit these types of adverse events.

Whether you have thick policies with numerous endorsements or claim notes extending over a number of years and exceeding 100 pages, our clients seek the input from the experienced insurance coverage and bad faith dispute attorneys at C&W to meet every challenge.